I Don’t Know

That was what came to mind when I thought of a title for this blog post. I’m not quite sure what it’ll be about yet. I thought of writing a poem. If I am going to do that I have to stay still for a while…………………….I’ve got it! It’s going to be a poem about ticks and giggles.

Everyone knows the clock goes tick-tock

There is no one without the other

Clockwise clocks. Anti clockwise minds

Forward and rewind

I’m not sure sure how their meeting ends

Clocks and sleep and blood

Those creatures have a few feet

Distended bellies when they’d gorged on jasmine

They played a role in spices’ life as well

Tuck isn’t quite tock

Tuck applies to sheets more than clocks


Bed sheets and night time stories share a common factor

I hope you giggled. I did when the thought came to me.

Tock is an ad on.

A Long Bicycle Trip

Hi everyone and thanks for following me when I started my photography blog in 2014. Since then I’ve been back and forth with my art (fine art photography, poetry, street photography, painting, canvas stretching) and life’s had its ups and downs.

In a few months I plan to go on a trip around Europe with a bicycle and I hope to get stunning travel photography pictures and great video footage. I will keep you’ve all updated 

Below is a link to my fineartamerica.com page


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